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AIST 2013

System Seals is pleased to announce our involvement in AIST 2013 in Pittsburgh, PA. Please join us May 6 - 9 at booth #211...


As part of the implementation of our strategy to support our customer base on a global level, System Seals are pleased to announce the acquisition....
Large Diameter Rotary Seal Test

Engineered Fluid Sealing Solutions for Industry

Hydraulic and Fluid Sealing Applications

System Seals is a recognized leader in hydraulic seal technology - specializing in hydraulic and fluid sealing solutions. We deliver highly customized seals to meet the needs of every client in a wide range of industrial markets, including: steel mills, hydraulics, injection molding, mining and more.

Our competitive advantage is in the way we serve our clients. Our knowledgeable sales team actively listens to the needs of each customer to tailor customized, systems solutions for operating challenges.

We carry a complete line of Hydraulic Seals
Wipers . Rod and Piston Seals . Radial Shaft Seals
Swivel Joint Seals . Guide and Wear Band . Packings for pumps and valves

Unique Solutions to Hydraulic and Fluid Sealing Problems

We take two distinct approaches to the needs of our customers by offering local, dedicated service centers to meet the day-to-day operating concerns of our customers and project-based engineering services to support the design needs of many international OEM equipment manufacturers. Our sales and service teams are aligned to a specific industry segment to ensure timely response to each.

We design complete systems that incorporate piston and rod seals, wear bands, and wipers. Because each part influences the performance of the related components, our systems approach ensures optimum performance and extends the operating life of the sealing system. In the long run, the system-focused approach is a more economical option with lower warranty costs and longer intervals between maintenance.

Highest Quality Fluid Sealing Systems
By continually investing in product research, development, and state-of-the-art design tools our experienced engineers can effectively resolve sealing problems in close consultation with each customer. Our final tests replicate the precise application for your seal – so each solution will be the right solution.

We have the reputation for rapid design, manufacture and delivery with short lead-times for all products, large and small. Our proprietary manufacturing techniques ensure a high-quality product with quick response to your delivery needs.

The end result: A high-quality, comprehensive fluid sealing system which meets your specific need.

Our clients depend on our use of high performance materials, high-tech designs, and a complete systems approach to provide superior sealing solutions.
No other seal manufacturer brings all these elements together to provide unparalleled response, engineering expertise and sealing performance.

And that’s what makes System Seals different ... Different by design


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